5 celebs who transformed their smiles

5 celebs who transformed their smiles

Our favourite celebrities all boast beautiful smiles, but they didn’t all start out with perfect teeth.

In many cases, the bright smiles we see today took some work to achieve. Here are just some of the stars who transformed the appearance of their teeth with cosmetic dentistry …

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo may be loved for his looks as much as his talent, but the footballer didn’t always have the perfect smile he flashes today. His teeth were uneven and chipped when he was younger, but thanks to some dental work, his smile is now even and bright. His transformation included orthodontic treatment, as well as some whitening.

  2. Niall Horan

    When Niall Horan first appeared on X Factor, his teeth were crooked and uneven. He decided to get orthodontic treatment in the form of clear braces to correct the issue. Now, the One Direction star boasts a perfectly straight smile.

  3. Oprah Winfrey

    Loved for her beautiful, big smile, Oprah Winfrey has always had good teeth, but she chose to perfect them by undergoing orthodontic treatment. She opted for invisible braces to straighten her smile, while whitening treatments have given her that extra bit of sparkle.

  4. David Beckham

    If you look at early pictures of this football star, you’ll notice that his smile has improved vastly since his early days of fame. Thanks to the use of dental veneers, Beckham sports a set of straight, white teeth that fit his good looks perfectly.

  5. George Clooney

    Although George Clooney has always had a great smile, he reportedly underwent dental treatment because of his teeth grinding habit. The actor had dental veneers placed, and now has an even straighter, brighter set of teeth than before.

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