Going in for dental procedures can be an anxious time for any patient, especially those who have had a bad experience in the past.

IV Sedation is one-way patients can receive an excellent dental experience.

The aim at Murwillumbah Dental is to ensure you receive the best and most professional care.

What is IV Sedation?

IV Sedation is one of the many types of dental sedations that is administrated during certain dental procedures. It is administrated continuously, in small doses through a tiny needle in your arm. Once the sedation begins to take effect, you will start to feel drowsy and much more relaxed. During the procedure you will remain in an induced, but highly relaxed state. This allows your body to retain the ability to breathe unassisted. Unlike other options, Intravenous Sedation doesn’t require you to need a ventilating machine.

The recovery from IV Sedation will be short and sweet. Once recovered, you will be awake and be able to walk around. However, there is a high chance that you will fall back asleep if you start to relax. As a result of this, you need to have someone come and pick you up post procedure as it isn’t recommended to drive or operate heavy machinery.

With any sedation, there is a small chance you will encounter some minor side effects. For IV Sedation, you may have dream-like recollections from the experience, but these will not be destressing at all. Both dizziness and nausea can also be some more noticeable side effects.

Benefits of Intravenous Sedation

  • Only a qualified practitioner can administer IV Sedations – The patient will be in excellent hands. During the whole procedure, there will be either a qualified anesthetist or qualified dentist by your side ensuring you are in total comfort.
  • Quick and effective treatment – Post-procedure patients will feel like they have just been for a 10-minute nap.
  • During the whole procedure, you won’t feel anything – Post procedure, you will have no memory of the actual procedure occurring, including noises and smells.
  • The amount of sedation can be controlled – This allows the qualified practitioner to be able to administer the correct amount depending on the procedure being performed. More will be given for a procedure like the removal of wisdom teeth.
  • Quicker recovery time – It usually takes around 24 hours for the effects of IV Sedation to wear off.

Who can receive IV Sedation?

IV Sedation can be administered to any patient who has a fear or phobia of needles or has had bad experiences in the past. It can be administered from anyone having a general check-up and clean to a major procedure like wisdom teeth removal or dental implants.

Patients who are also suitable for IV Sedation include those who:

  • Are requiring a long and complex dental procedure
  • Have a history of strong gag reflex
  • Have previously had numbing difficulties

IV Sedation in Murwillumbah

Are you an anxious patient or are worried about your next dental procedure? Don’t worry, come in for a consultation with our team to see if you are eligible to undergo IV Sedation for your next procedure.

Share your fears with the dentist so that they can put you at ease. Do research about the procedure you’re getting so you know what’s going on. Try meditating and breathing before the dental appointment. Bring a small set of headphones and a playlist to listen to, to block out the sound.

Avoid caffeine before going to the dentist because it might worsen the anxiety. Change your mindset about the dentist, you’re going there to take care of your health, not to suffer. Being anxious about seeing a dentist is common, normal and natural, but it doesn’t have to ruin your mood.