How often should you whiten your teeth?

How often should you whiten your teeth?

Teeth whitening is one of the most effective treatments when it comes to brightening your smile, but does it last forever?

Most people want a bright smile, but unfortunately there are a number of factors that can cause teeth to discolour as we age. Luckily, cosmetic treatments like whitening generally work very well to get rid of stains and improve the overall appearance of teeth. But, how long do these treatments last?

How long does teeth whitening last?

With proper oral hygiene, it is possible for the results of a professional teeth whitening treatment to last between six months and a years. The longevity of your results will depend on factors, including your dental hygiene habits, what kinds of foods and drinks you enjoy often, and whether you smoke. To really maintain your white smile, we recommend that you come in for follow-up treatments regularly.

How can I make the results last longer?

One of the best ways you can keep your teeth looking bright and healthy for longer is to commit to a good oral health routine. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing at least once daily. We also encourage you to come in for regular dental check-ups and professional cleans.

If you smoke, we recommend that you try to quit the habit. Tobacco is one of the leading causes of discolouration and stains. Excessive amounts of alcohol can also contribute to discolouration, so try and enjoy boozy drinks in moderation.

Foods and drinks that can lead to stains include coffee, red wine, tea, and dark berries like cherries and blueberries. Certain sauces, like soya and curry sauce, can also leave marks on the teeth. Enjoy these foods and drinks in moderation, and if you do have them, rinse your mouth out with water afterwards to limit the amount of contact time they have with your teeth.

Does cleaning your teeth at the dentist make them whiter?

The results of your whitening treatment can certainly last longer if you attend regular check-ups and cleaning at the dentist. During the cleaning process, your teeth will be cleaned very efficiently, and any plaque and tartar will be removed. Your dentist will then polish your teeth with a special paste, which will help to get rid of surface stains. After the polishing process is complete, you can expect your teeth to look shinier and to feel smoother.

Are there any teeth whitening alternatives?

Besides whitening treatments, there are a number of other cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the colour and overall appearance of the teeth.

A popular choice is dental veneers. These are  bonded to the surface of the teeth to conceal discolouration, as well as a range of other imperfections, depending on the case. The process of having dental veneers placed is much longer than a teeth whitening treatment, and generally costs more, but they are highly durable and don’t stain easily if they are taken care of. With proper care, veneers can also last for a very long time — sometimes as much as ten years. They are often a great option for those who suffer from severe stains and discolouration, or other issues like worn down enamel and surface cracks and chips.

At Murwillumbah Dental, we offer a range of services, including dental check-ups and cleaning, as well as cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and dental veneers. If you would like to find out more about any of the procedures we offer, or to arrange a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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