How To Scare Off Dental Cavities This Halloween

How To Scare Off Dental Cavities This Halloween

This Halloween, don’t let all the fun, games, and sugar binging result in an emergency trip to the dentist!

Of course, it’s no surprise some children go crazy over this particular night. A night (even if it’s a school night) children can be with friends and family, all dressed up, and going door-to-door trick or treating. All to get as many sugary treats as possible!

However, in this blog, we’ll discuss how you can help your child prevent tooth decay or even worse, an emergency trip to the dentist! We’ll go through 3 helpful tips and tricks to prevent any risk of cavities while still having a spooky Halloween.

1 Brushing your child’s teeth

Don’t be tricked! Brushing your child’s teeth is not just a one-off task and should be a twice-daily event. However, it’s no secret; some children do not enjoy brushing their teeth.

A great way to encourage your child to brush their teeth is to purchase a new toothbrush! A new toothbrush is always a fun way to get your child excited about brushing. Why is this especially important on Halloween, you may ask?

After a big Halloween night binging on chocolate, lollies and other artificial sweets, your child’s teeth will most likely be coated in a layer of sugar which can eat away at their enamel in their sleep if they don’t brush when they get home.

Now, speaking of binging…

2 Setting up a sweet candy plan

Finding the right portion of sweets and sticky candies is everything. And, if your child is already a big sugar fiend, you don’t want to give them a reason to rebel and eat even more! To avoid going overboard with your child’s Halloween candy intake, to prepare ahead of time.

Have a talk with your child about what the plan will be after the bucket is full to the brim with candy. It helps to give your child options from which to choose, such as whether they would like to keep the candy and share it out over time.

Another idea is to set a limit on the number of houses that you visit before quittin’ time or have your child fill a smaller bucket.

Whatever decision you choose to take, the most crucial part of this process is establishing the rules with your child beforehand. If they are younger, it can also be very beneficial to repeat the conversation. You can also take this opportunity to explain to your child the importance of making responsible choices, all for the better good for their health, mind, body and teeth.

And, the earlier this conversation, the better. You’re on the path for setting your child up for a future full of healthy choices!

3 Avoiding the bad sugars

The following points made have been sourced from Mouth Monsters; a grid made to help categorise which treats are better for your child’s pearly whites.

Treats to avoid – The chewy, sticky candies get stuck in the grooves and crevices of the teeth, making it hard for saliva to wash them away, which leads to tooth decay. Sour candies have a high acidity content which breaks down tooth enamel, making your child’s teeth more susceptible to a trip to the dentist!

Better treat choices – Better choices include milk chocolate and snack-size packets of crackers, or pretzels (even the chocolate-coated ones)! These options are less sticky and do not have a high acid content, therefore are less harmful to the teeth than those nasty gummies, caramels or sour candies.

Although these are more teeth-friendly snack choices, it’s important to limit snacking overall, as a child’s dental health depends less on what they eat and more on how often they eat it.

Best treat choices – Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can inhibit bacteria from sticking to the teeth, preventing infections in gums and battling tooth decay. Sugar-free gum made with xylitol promotes saliva production, which can make it near-impossible for bacteria and plaque to form.

For more tips and tools to help keep your little ones’ teeth monster-free all year, take a look at our other blogs!

Halloween in Murwillumbah

You are the parent; your child’s most significant influence. Halloween does not have to result in detrimental dental health effects. Take a moment to make it educational to help them learn about moderation and dental care.

Happy Halloween from the team at Murwillumbah Dental! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s dental health.