What to Expect After a Root Canal

What to Expect After a Root Canal

Wondering how to recover from your root canal?

 A root canal is probably one of the most feared dental procedures there is out there, and everyone talks about it being a painful, unpleasant experience they would soon want to forget. When people hear that they are going to need a root canal, dread ensues. One of the reasons people are so afraid of root canals is that they don’t actually know what it is, and most importantly, why it can save your teeth if you’re struggling with dental health.

The tooth isn’t just what we see above our gums, there’s a network of pulp, tissue and nerves. When your tooth is infected the bacteria can go really deep into the gum and into the tissue. A root canal is a way to clean the infected part under the tooth and remove the damaged nerves and pulp. After that the tooth is sealed that takes care of the infection. You will need to get a filling or crown to seal the tooth. Without a root canal, the decay can cause worse problems like further tooth decay, and even sepsis if it goes unchecked.

So if that’s how a root canal is performed, what happens after the root canal. What can you expect after getting the procedure? After you get the procedure, you will feel some pain in your gum area, and there might also be swelling which will recede in the following days. Good oral care will also help your teeth heal, and your dental professional will also prescribe painkillers to help you manage the pain.

Can You Eat After a Root Canal?

You can eat after a root canal, but you have to be careful about what you eat and how you eat. For example, you can’t eat extremely hard foods or chewy foods. These foods can break down the crown after the root canal and create more problems. Try not to put too much pressure on the tooth, and even consider chewing from the side of your mouth without the root canal. Eat soft foods, like mash and soup until your immediate recovery.

Can You Smoke After Root Canal?

You can smoke after a root canal but it’s important to note that prolonged smoking makes you more susceptible to another dental infection, which might mean you will need another root canal eventually. Consider giving up on your habit or cutting back to help you maintain oral health.

Can You Drive After a Root Canal?

You won’t have to be put under for a root canal, but rather the area will be numbed by local anaesthesia. After the procedure, you should be fine to drive yourself home, but if you’re in too much pain, it might be wise to get someone to drive you instead so you can rest.

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